Jewelry for Good : Our Sisters of Africa

lovetheringsA friend of mine started Our Sisters of Africa with her roommate after taking a trip to Kenya and discovering some of the struggles and difficulties the young girls face.

They learned that the young girls do not have money for sanitary pads which causes them to miss 1/4 of their schooling or resort to prostitution for money. As you can imagine, hearing this was both shocking and heartbreaking. They became determined to find a way to help the girls and started Our Sisters of America.

I like to think of Our Sisters of Africa as a “jewelry for good” company. They create beautiful rings and soawesomesell them for $10. They use 50% of the proceeds to purchase reusable sanitary pads for the girls in Africa. For every ring you purchase, you are able to provide sanitary pads to a young girl for an ENTIRE year!

If you are interested in purchasing a ring, you can order one on Etsy or contact them directly at Oursistersofafrica [at] You can also show your support by liking their Facebook page!