Jewelry for Good : Our Sisters of Africa

lovetheringsA friend of mine started Our Sisters of Africa with her roommate after taking a trip to Kenya and discovering some of the struggles and difficulties the young girls face.

They learned that the young girls do not have money for sanitary pads which causes them to miss 1/4 of their schooling or resort to prostitution for money. As you can imagine, hearing this was both shocking and heartbreaking. They became determined to find a way to help the girls and started Our Sisters of America.

I like to think of Our Sisters of Africa as a “jewelry for good” company. They create beautiful rings and soawesomesell them for $10. They use 50% of the proceeds to purchase reusable sanitary pads for the girls in Africa. For every ring you purchase, you are able to provide sanitary pads to a young girl for an ENTIRE year!

If you are interested in purchasing a ring, you can order one on Etsy or contact them directly at Oursistersofafrica [at] You can also show your support by liking their Facebook page!

The Good Side of Vulnerable

beingvulnerableEveryone is vulnerable – its part of being human. For many people, vulnerable is a bad word. It conveys weakness and insecurity. No one wants to be vulnerable but it can be the key to emotional and relational growth.

When you identify your vulnerabilities, you can start facing your fears, doubts and insecurities. It’s not an easy or comfortable process but there is GOOD that can come from being vulnerable.

Once you identify your vulnerabilities you can start to be aware of how they affect your interactions with others, your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself. The idea behind identifying your vulnerabilities is to accept them and to work on them. If you accept your vulnerabilities, you are less vulnerable. If you deny them, you are more vulnerable.

Here are 5 keys to the good side of vulnerable:


1. Learn to ACCEPT your vulnerabilities: Part of loving yourself means to accept all parts of yourself – the good and the bad. If you accept that you have vulnerabilities then you’ll have the strength to work through them. 

2. Don’t expose your vulnerabilities to the world: Many people would love to use your vulnerabilities against you.  Only share your vulnerabilities with those you TRUST.


3. Don’t use your vulnerabilities as an excuse: You can’t continuously use vulnerabilities as an excuse for a way that you behave or feel. Learn to recognize when they affect you and don’t let them control you.

4. Use your vulnerabilities to RELATE to others:  If you see a friend struggling with insecurities and you have them too, don’t be afraid to admit it. Life isn’t a contest for having a perfect life. Relate to each other and try to HELP each other. vou

5. Use your vulnerabilities to GROW: Having vulnerabilities means you have room for personal growth. We will never get rid of being vulnerable but we can continuously work to use being vulnerable for positive change and to become a better person.

To be vulnerable is to be alive” – Madeleine L’Engle 

Pray Before Reacting

lifelessonsOne thing that has helped me immensely in the last month is to pray before reacting. I have noticed when I pray for God to help me understand an emotion or to get through an issue, the outcome is MUCH better than relying on my own thoughts and judgement.

When I’m having a hard time with something, I pray. Depending on the issue, I will pray for things like understanding, compassion, peace and comfort. If someone else is involved, I will pray for them too. Just by taking a few minutes to talk with God, I almost immediately gain better perspective, feel peace and know that I have someone on my side to help me through things. And, its always amazing how well things tend to work out after praying!